We, ITU students, do not want the perpetrators of Soma Workers massacre in our University! We occupy the Mining Faculty which is collaborating with the murderers!

Our grief and anger is massive! What occurred in Soma is not an accident or destiny, but a laborer massacre. The greed of the government and the capitalists has caused once more the death of many laborers.

We do not want our university to be taken in the name of University-Industry collaboration by those bosses and murderers who are blinded by greed.

The AKP government forces the workers to live and work under insecure conditions by out-sourcing and privatization which continuously threatens their life. The Working Safety Law privatizes the supervision of working places. Those who have participated in this massacre by ignoring worker safety in order to reduce costs, those who have assumed this massacre as an “accident” are the ones responsible for Soma and therefore should be punished.

We know that the murderer Soma Holding bosses Alp Gürkan and İsmet Kasapoğlu are a part of the Academic Advisory Board of the Mining Engineering Faculty of ITU. We also know that these murderers have attended to a presentation that took place in our university two weeks before the massacre. The Mining Engineering Faculty academic staff, who has removed the information proving their relations with the Soma Holding from the web site, must apologize from all ITU community and put an end to their collaboration immediately.

We believe that as one of the most important technical universities of Turkey, ITU must provide supervisory and technic aid to mines of the country, instead of consulting to the firm which has caused this massacre. We do not accept the declaration of the ITU Rectorate which explains the massacre as “destiny”!

The ongoing police violence in Soma must be stopped and all those whore are responsible must be arrested!

Our basic demands are,

–          Mining Faculty dean must declare that Alp Gürkan and İsmet Kasapoğlu have been removed from their position in Academic Advisory Board.

–          Orhan Kural, the academic staff who has been consulting the murderers must resign and apologize to public.

–          All those who have participated in this occupation must not be subjected to investigation.

–          Rectorate must publicly declare that what happened in Soma is not an accident but a murder.

–          ITU Rector Mehmet Karaca must publicly promise that the out-sourcing workers in ITU will be transferred into permanent positions.

We will be the engineers and architects of the people, not those murderers!

We, the ITU students, call for all the universities to rise up!

ITU Students


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